Three Ways to Style a Wedding Ring Box

Weddings are getting more sophisticated day by day no matter it is a simple or a flashy one. But, either marry under a huge oak tree or an altar across the ocean, you will need something to store your new bling, right?


White pebbles and a few branch of fresh greenery is just enough to create a minimal yet elegant look. You can even paint the stones with metallic colors to add some more sparkle to your ring box.

engagement ring box

Hexagon Ring Box by Waen

wedding ring box

Glass Ring Box by Waen


For a rustic display, use a wood ring cut from an oak branch to display the rings. When it comes to the filling material, you can choose a color depending on your wedding theme. We highly recommend white sand for winter weddings if you like to enhance the feeling of a winter wonderland. 

geometric ring bearer box

Geometric Ring Bearer Box by Waen

winter wedding

Diamond Ring Box by Waen


No one said that you have to show the rings! If this is a proposal, you may want to hide the ring underneath some live flowers.

glass wedding ring box

Hexagon Ring Box by Waen

proposal ring box

Pentagon Ring Box by Waen

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