Our Story

Waen is a stained glass brand founded by a couple with backgrounds in Architecture and Psychology, as a part of a growing handmade movement towards owning things whose origins extended beyond an assembly line. They live the life of their dreams together by handcrafting stuff using Tiffany's traditional stained glass technique in their home hidden among huge trees.


Asli Candan Ozsaltik

Lead-designer, Maker, Owner & Photographer

She is a green thumb architect with a passion for geometry & glass and she thought of the idea for stained glass geometric terrariums back when Murat was working on his master’s thesis in Neuroscience. He made her one as a birthday gift and she loved the way of forms coming alive with glass so they decided to share this work of art with the world. In time, she found out that their products also fit perfect for weddings, and the brand first brought geometric ring boxes & succulent ring dishes to the wedding industry.

She was born in Canakkale, graduated from Yildiz Technical University with a degree in Architecture and was inspired to join the world of product design & photography while working in Istanbul. Her specialty is seeing the potential in every object in nature and turning these forms into multi-use products by preserving and highlighting the character of natural shapes.


Murat Ozsaltik



Maker & Owner

Co-founder, co-owner and the tech-minded guy behind Waen. He has always believed in the power of creating something new and unique from scraps, instead of buying what the market offers us. His dream was to live a less corporate and creative life that will also help him to turn his skills and interests into a lifestyle and he made it with Waen.

His specialty is knowing the materials and the chemistry behind the process which is the key to a perfect product. After endless experiments and months of hard work, he managed to create a trademark in the market with Waen's rose goldish copper finish and yet he still pushes his limits by experimenting with different equipment and techniques. He was born in Istanbul, graduated from Bogazici University with a degree in Psychology.

Behind The Scenes

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Quality & Trademarks

In March 2015, they've been selected for Etsy's Featured Shops series among thousands of successful creatives. Today, they are honored to be able to share our craft with you and look forward to continuing bringing you beautiful, dramatic, resourceful pieces.