Our Story


We're the husband-wife duo behind Waen, makers with backgrounds in architecture and psychology. We craft geometric stuff using the Tiffany stained glass technique. We work in a studio below our home in Istanbul, Turkey. And we’re also parents to this lovely fella, Ned.


The Idea

Even in the years before we met, we have always believed in the power of creating something new and unique from scraps, instead of buying what the market offers us. After being introduced by a mutual friend, we fell in love, moved in together, and started dreaming of a less corporate and creative life that will also help us to turn our skills and interests into a lifestyle.

All started in August of 2014 – 172 years after a terrarium was accidentally discovered by English botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. Asli is a green thumb architect with a passion for geometry, and she thought of the idea for geometric terrariums back when I was working on my master’s thesis in neuroscience. I made her one as a birthday gift and she loved it, so we decided to make more together. So, Waen is born as a part of a growing movement towards owning things whose origins extended beyond an assembly line.

In time, we found out that our products also carry the rustic elegance of special wedding items, thus we specialized in making your precious moments more beautiful than it could be. Now, our product range is expanded from terrarium containers to lighting elements and we still look forward to find the new ways of bringing glass into your lives!


Our studio is located in the suburbs of Istanbul, surrounded by a little garden where we get to grow colorful roses, geraniums and succulents found on this beautiful green earth. And every minute in our studio is special. There are few other things we'd rather be doing like sewing, brewing, and feeding the cats.

stained glass atelier


Our main inspiration comes from 13 polyhedra listed by Archimedes, which were rediscovered by artists and mathematicians during the Renaissance. We are addicted to complex shapes and their ancient roots! The thing about geometry is; despite it is giving a modern look to the object you create, it has its own ancient roots throughout centuries and we find this irony literally inspiring. Waen which means 'stained' in ancient elven language is founded with this inspiration.

stained glass christmas lights

Quality & Trademarks

We put all our heart into ever details of our products, from the material quality to the craftsmanship. To us, knowing our materials and the chemistry behind the process is the key to a perfect product. After endless experiments and months of hard work, we created our signature rose goldish bright copper finish, and yet we still push our limits by experimenting with different equipment and techniques.

In March 2015, we've been selected for Etsy's Featured Shops series among thousands of successful creatives. Today, we are honored to be able to share our craft with you, and look forward to continue bringing you beautiful, dramatic, resourceful pieces. We hope you find something you love!

Asli & Murat | Co-founders & Makers Behind Waen