Product Care

Our products are basically made of glass, solder and finishing chemicals and as of all stained glass items, they have a unique handmade touch due to the nature of the production. Wash them gently, dry the glass with microfiber swab, do not use chemicals on them. And then, wax it with a furniture or car wax for more shiny and new look.

Waxing A Product with Black Finish

Before waxing, wash the product gently and dry it until it is completely dry. Do not use chemicals on it. Do not scratch the soldered parts while cleaning & drying cause the patina can be harmed. A car or furniture wax would do a great job but, note that some waxes may contain corrosive substance and this will remove the black patina. So never use a wax contains corrosive substance on an item with a black finish. If you're not quite sure about the ingredients, try the wax first on an unseen area on the object to see the result and then apply to all.

Waxing A Product with Copper Finish

Before waxing, wash the product gently and dry it until it is completely dry. Do not use chemicals on it. Copper patina is way too gentle than black patina so never scratch the soldered parts while cleaning & drying. Gently apply any wax with a cotton pad until your object gets brighter. 

Waxing A Product with Silver Finish

Easy peasy. Silver items do not require a chemical coloring process as solder is silver too. The only thing you need to do is to wax your object with any kind of wax. This time, you don't need to be that gentle since you don't need to worry about removing a patina layer. 

Advanced Care

If you decide to show an advanced care to your object, you'll need patina acid that matches your product's color and some Q-Tips. Make sure you protect your hands with rubber gloves before you started to play with patina. Pour some patina acid into a small container, dip the Q-Tip and gently touch the solder lines with the Q-Tip until it gets darker (for black items) or brighter (for copper items) 


Our products contain a certain amount of lead as of most stained glass items. They are harmless to human health unless you’re clever enough not to lick it. (We know you two are in love but just don’t)

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information. We're happy to help you! 


          Asli                  Murat