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Industrial Hanging Pendant | Glass Candle Lantern

USD 80.00

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This product requires assembly, and additional materials for use as a pendant light.

There are a few elements that can dramatically change the appearance of an entire space while adding lots of character and one of them is lighting. A proper lighting equipment that brings aesthetics and functionality together can make a big difference even on a simple wooden table. Waen's new lighting collection brings you resourcefully designed & meticulously crafted stained glass pendant lights, both available for daily use and special events like weddings. Hang them to a tree, an altar or wherever you like, and enjoy!


  • Original handmade item crafted with Tiffany technique
  • Construction Materials: 2 mm Glass, Copper Foil, Solder, Brass Wire, Copper Wire
  • Finishing Materials: Black Patina, Copper Patina, Wax
  • Production: Made to Order
  • Listing is for the glass pendant head only. Sockets, fittings, bulbs, cables, and string are not included. Silver E14 socket, white cable, waxed rope and a small, rustic Edison bulb is used in product photos
  • Cleaning & Care: Wash them gently, dry the glass with microfiber swab, do not use chemicals on them. And then, wax it with a furniture or car wax for more shiny and new look
  • Packaging: Secure with a lot of bubblewrap, no need to worry!
  • Handmade handle is attached to the top opening, which you can use to hang the item with a string, rope, chain, etc.
  • Item weights approximately 14 oz ~ 400 gr.
  • This piece can also be used on table, as a candle lantern


  • Inches: 7 4/5" tall by 5" wide by 5" long
  • Metric: 20 cm tall by 13 cm wide by 13 cm long
  • Top Opening Form: Pentagon with sides of 1" ~ 2.5 cm
  • Top Opening Diameter: 2" ~ 5 cm
  • Bottom Opening Form: Pentagon with sides of 1 1/2" ~ 3.6 cm
  • Bottom Opening Diameter: 2 4/5" ~ 7.2 cm


  • Black: Shiny finish with smooth texture
  • Silver: Shiny finish with smooth texture
  • Rustic Copper: Dark and matte copper shade
  • Bright Copper: Bright and shiny copper shade (close to rose gold)

  • IMPORTANT: The product is easy to install as a lighting element but if you think that you need some help, please consult a licensed electrician. Professional help is STRONGLY recommended, especially for electrical wiring.



    • Bulb socket, preferably a metal one for better look.
    • Cable (Suitable to handle the electrical load of the bulb)
    • Bulb (Please consider bottom opening dimensions while choosing bulb. Bulbs with diameters larger than 6 cm will not fit in with this item)
    • String, chain, rope etc.


    • Prepare your socket and wire up the cable. 
    • Pull the other end of the cable from the bottom opening into the item and out from the top opening. Now the socket will be in the item with the cable sticking out through the top opening.
    • Attach the string to the handle on top and hang the item to the desired spot.
    • Place the bulb into the socket. Position the bulb to the desired spot and bind the cable and the string together at several points with tape.
    • Connect the other end of the cable to the power source.