Winter Weddings

A New Way for Displaying Wedding Rings | Blooming Glass Flowers

Posted by Aslı Candan Özsaltık on

Our main goal in Waen is to create timeless and dramatic pieces that are powerful enough for special events but yet versatile to use after the events. Through the years in the industry, we found out that people are investing in so many items for their dream weddings but most of these stay one-time-used products and rot in closets for years. […]

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New Ring Dish Collection | Succulents

Posted by Aslı Candan Özsaltık on

We can hear you screaming right now. Yes, these are for real and we make them for you!

We are flattered to present our new collection offering colorful pretty succulent ring dishes handcrafted with opalescent glass carrying the most beautiful hues of green, blue, and purple. (We also have a Black Prince for those looking for a more exaggerated look) This multi-use piece would make a great jewelry storage for any kind of jewelry whilst adding instant styling to your home and you're welcome to use it as a candle holder on your coffee table if you like […]
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