Daisy Ring Dish | Work in Progress Part I

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From wild ones to gerbera, daisy is my one of favorite species of all times. We see them everywhere while nature awakens, and I am utterly amazed by their colors and the harmony in their leaves. I couldn't resist anymore to these softly curved long petals perfectly aligned around a mostly yellow central part and decided to make one from the glass. Would like to see how this project evolves?


Everything starts with a pattern. As a former architect, I used to draw patterns digitally and then print them to get ready for the modeling process. Yes, I make models from cardboard first before jumping into the glass it is incredibly helpful to understand the angles and the relation between parts of the flower.

stained-glass-daisy-ring-dish-work-in-progressstained-glass-daisy-ring-dish-work-in-progressstained-glass-daisy-ring-dish-work-in-progress (2)

I went with 16 petals and an octagonal center for this piece and I planned to use pure white glass for petals and pale yellow for the central part. The advantage of the modeling is each piece also becomes a reusable pattern for drawing.


And the pattern is ready for cutting. In next post, I'll be showing you the cutting, grinding and foiling processes. I can't wait to show you the end product! We are planning to launch our daisy collection within two weeks. Not sure about the exact release date because we'll be traveling to my hometown to enjoy the first days of Summer but I'll let you know on @waenglass when they're available. Stay tuned if you'd like to grab one!

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  • what are the different sizes of pedals?

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