Studio Makeover & Etsy Instagram Story Takeover

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Hi folks! In late March, we've been asked to create an Instagram story series for Etsy showing our work in progress & studio and with this opportunity, I finally had a chance to photograph our Spring touched studio! I wanted to write a post with these for the ones who'd like to see where we work and how we organize our workspace. Hope you enjoy!

With the colored pieces added to our line, we had to create more space for glass panels and we decided to reorganize our shelving unit with these. We also changed the position of our soldering station in order to get better lighting when taking make-of videos.


Here is my new corner for foiling. I collect flowers and tree branches for my upcoming herbarium project and I spared some to decorate this wall. I also am thinking of using colored glass petals as wall decor; maybe this could be my next project this summer. There is a sneak peek of what's in my head right below.

Even if we have a really long and detailed process, I really enjoy playing with glass and doing what you love for a living is an incredible experience. Here you can watch a few make-of videos we made for Etsy. Feel free to follow @waenglass on Instagram to see more. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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