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The sea has always fascinated us with its beauty and mysteries that are hidden in its depths...

According to the legend Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born from sea foam and married to Poseidon, the God of Sea, who gave her a big seashell as a gift representing their love for each other. With this inspiration came from ancient times and our endless interest to organic objects, we designed & created a seashell-shaped ring box collection from glass, for the ones who like to feel like Aphrodite or Poseidon on their big day!

beach wedding ideas

This piece is handcrafted with 28 tiny clear copper foiled glass pieces and then assembled with solder just like in form of a scallop shell. Inner & outer metal frame is colored with patina which comes in copper, black or silver. It has a meticulously attached seashell shaped lid so the wedding ring can be displayed like a pearl.

seashell wedding ring box

For the styling, we used a pinch of sand from the beach, and a found seashell holding the ring like it was made for it!

scallop shell ring boxnautical wedding ideas

If you are planning a beach wedding/proposal or a wedding with a nautical theme, then you will definitely love this product that will complement your entire wedding theme. For more products, feel free to visit our ring box collection.

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